What if I have an injury to a scheduled and a non-scheduled part of my body?

If you have sustained an injury to a scheduled part of the body as well as a non‑scheduled part of your body, you are entitled to payments for both injuries but not for double payments.  In other words, if you have suffered an injury to your knee you would be entitled to receive temporary total disability benefits relating to your knee injury as well as a final scheduled payment amount for the percentage impairment assigned to your knee upon your medical discharge.  If, during the same time period you are also receiving treatment for a non‑scheduled lower back injury, in theory you are also entitled to receive TTD payments for your back injury but you would not receive double TTD benefits if you are already receiving them for your knee injury.  However, based solely upon your non-scheduled back injury you would also be entitled to receive compensation benefits for any type of permanent partial disability including loss of wage earning capacity benefits if you were not able to return to earning as much income as you were at the time of your injury.  In short, if you receive both a scheduled injury and a non-scheduled injury, the injuries are essentially treated separately with the exception that you cannot collect double benefits if you qualify for the same benefits from both injuries at any certain time.