Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are paid to you when your treating physician has released you to return to some form of work but you are still receiving medical treatment and you are not yet able to earn the same amount of income as you were earning at the time of your injury. These benefits are typically paid when an injured employee returns to light or limited duty work (even if it is for the same employer) but there is a difference between the amount of income he was earning at the time of his injury and the amount that he is now able to earn with limited duty work. Very often employers will place injured employees in a workshop or office on land and pay them significantly less than they earned with their regular employment. In such situations they will also play that employee PPD benefits to make up for the difference in income. However, because you only receive 2/3 your income as compensation benefits, normally you will still be receiving less money than you were earning at the time of your injury.