Welcome to the online LHWCA help center. This site is provided by The Young Firm, a law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana that focuses its practice on maritime related claims. Here you can find answers and information relating to your Longshore and Harbor Workers Claim. If you are an injured employee trying to learn about your rights under the LHWCA, you have come to the right place.

You can learn how the LHWCA works, what benefits you are provided under the LHWCA and if necessary, how you can find an LHWCA lawyer. You can even submit a specific question regarding your claim to an attorney!

And if you want even more information and help regarding your claim under the LHWCA, you can download our E-publication which contains all of the information on this site, plus many great lists and tips for handling claims under the LHWCA.

Remember, your claim is very important.  Your employer knows its rights; shouldn’t you know your rights under the LHWCA.

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